About KhepeRa Alyce

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Khepera, meaning "recreate oneself". Alyce, meaning "of the noble", which is defined as having outstanding qualities. Everyday is a new opportunity to change something about yourself you do not love, be it mental, physical or emotional. Self-love is the most important and highest form of love. KhepeRa Alyce is here to help you get in tune with your higher self so you can be your outstanding self! We aim to help you help yourself to recreate yourself.

KhepeRa Alyce supports the most effective approaches to helping the community learn, make and sustain appropriate and informed wellness decisions. We offer education, support and guidance along with accountability without judgement. Everything is catered to the clients specific goals and needs. Wellness and abundance is our birth right and the Earth provides us with all the resources we need to live this human experience. 

Dani, the owner of KhepeRa Alyce is a Certified Master Herbalist, Certified Holistic Therapist and Certified Life Coach. She is a full time entrepreneur and single mother originally from Springfield, Massachusetts and is now located in Houston, Texas with her 3 year old daughter, Zuri.