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7/23/22 Card of the Day, Whatcha Gotta Say

Card of the Day, Whatcha Gotta Say?!

Abundant SaturnDay!

Deck: Medicine Woman Tarot

Card: (Harvest) Lodge of Stones

7-22-2022 Message: This card is the equivalent of the Queen of Pentacles.

Its an abundant rising this Saturday. We awoke…what a blessing! Let today be a day of gratitude. Reflect on all the wins you had this week cuz we made it! In our gratitude today, find a way to give back to others. Be a service to your people. “Provide plenty.” Give freely… of yourself, your time, your possessions, your abundance.

We are an abundant people and it’s time we take our power back. Do unto others as you want done to yourself. Be the leader and show others they way. Change starts with the self.

Affirm: I give bold because I get it back tenfold!

Remember, I love you and I’m rooting for you!

... and it is so. Asé.

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