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7/28/22 Card of the Day, Whatcha Gotta Say?!

Card of the Day, Whatcha Gotta Say?!

Happy Thursday, y’all! What a divine day so far!

Deck: Medicine Woman Tarot

Card: #9 of Stones

7-28-2022 Message: Peace, beloveds! Todays card is the equivalent to the 9 of Pentacles. ​

Tonight we have the New Moon coming in. This is the beginning of a new cycle for the next month. Use the day to be intentional about your moves. Write your dreams down 10 times today. It’s time to “reinvest your energy into your future”. 

The past is gone; there is only the present. Use the present to manifest the future. Today is the day to get for real about your reality, what it is and what’s to come. 

Remember, I love you and I’m rooting for you!

... and it is so. Asé.

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