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8/22/22 Card of the Day, Whatcha Gotta Say?!

Card of the Day, Whatcha Gotta Say?!

Divine Monday, y’all!! I hope your weekend was bliss and restful. 

Deck: Medicine Woman Tarot

Card: #5 The Hierophant ~ Peacemaker

8-22-2022 Message: Peace y’all! Todays message is a reminder to be intentional in our moves. Like children, people won’t necessarily listen to what you are saying but they are definitely watching you. Truth is, we never know who is watching and we never know what opportunities are right around the corner. You never know who you are influencing on the low. Timing and presentation is everything. Be yourself and do what you do in an intentional way.  ​

Remember, I love you and I’m rooting for you!

... and it is so. Asé.

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