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Card of the Day, Whatcha Gotta Say?! August 13, 2021

Card of the Day, Whatcha Gotta Say?!

Deck: Medicine Woman Tarot

Card: #13 Death ~ Sunset Message: Today is Friday the 13th. It’s also Venus Friday. My good SiStar Ambrosia put me on to some info surrounding the superstition and negativity of the history of this day earlier this week and it blew my mind. But with that being said, today shouldn’t be revered as negative but rather a day of spiritual enlightenment of divine energy and healing. Friday is the day to kick back and catch a vibe from the stresses of the week passed. The message from the card says to reflect today. The old must die for the new to be reborn. “Travel gently across the passing landscape, appreciating all that has been.” It’s raining in Houston today. Rain always symbolizes new beginnings in my life. I’m excited for what the day holds. Yesterday it rained and I washed my hair in it. Danced and sang and my daughter jumped in the rain puddles. I started to record it but realized the beauty in being present and to stop and record would have ended the organic moment. Talk about new, this was my new perspective: I don’t need to record everything. It’s beauty in being present. I do certain things to prove a point or for public approval but in all actuality, I don’t have to prove anything to anyone. Nor do I need anyone’s validation to do what I do to bring joy and peace to my life. As long as I’m operating in integrity and from a place of love and not hurting anyone, my path remains illuminated. I embrace my authenticity and commit to living unapologetically. I hope you chose to do so too. Remember, I love you and I’m rooting for you! ... and it is so. Asé.

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