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Card of the Night, Talk to me Right!! June 23rd, 2021

Card of the Night, Talk to me Right!!

Deck: Medicine Woman Tarot Card: #20 Judgement ~ Discernment Message: Did you feel it? There’s been an energetic shift in the universe. Mercury Retrograde just went direct. We have a full moon tonight and tomorrow. It’s the beginning of Cancer Season and we just celebrated the Summer Solstice. Major changes are amongst us. Discernment is defined as: “the quality of being able to grasp and comprehend what is obscure”. I don’t know about you, but during this period, I’ve received many downloads and lessons about myself, my past and where my future is going. I’ve seen the visions and I’m ready. But, in order to be fully present and prepared for what’s to come, I have to make room for it. I must rid myself of everything that no longer serves where I am going or my higher self. So much has aligned in my life in these last few months and I know the same can happen for you. You just need to get clear on what it is you really want for your life. With focus and discipline plus faith and perseverance, you can manifest anything you can think of… anything you can dream of! And I can help you get there. All you have to do is ask. i love you and I’m rooting for you! ... and it is so. Asé.

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