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Have you seen it yet?

KhepeRa Alyce has been featured!

AMPS Magazine & VoyageHouston!

I am beyond excited to share that KhepeRa Alyce has been featured in not one, but two online magazine publications! First, I appeared in AMPS Magazine, which is based out of Phoenix, AZ and now VoyageHouston, a magazine company based out of Houston, TX. Both articles highlight the products and services offered by KhepeRa Alyce along with general background information about my business background and beginnings and current entrepreneur life.

If you have a moment, please go check them both out and leave a comment or review. I've included the links to both articles below.

I love and appreciate you all. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the ongoing love and support. I am soul grateful.

Here's the links:


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